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AltView Analytics

Data Analytics Solutions and Services for the DoD & Federal Government

Functionals First—Experts Always 

AltView Analytics is a boutique data analytics and technology solutions company based in Huntsville, Alabama, formed in 2019 to meet the demand for value-add analytics solutions and expert data-centric functional support across strategic planning and resource management domains in the DoD and Federal Government.

We specialize in applied technology solutions to business problems in the DoD, and help organizations accomplish their mission through data maturity, analysis, and knowledge management.

We’ve spent countless hours fighting taskers, reporting to leadership, and analyzing data in our time as analysts and as Marines and Soldiers. Our solutions aim to address these challenges and bring a data-driven culture to your unit, business office or PEO.

What We Do

Data Analytics

Regardless of what you’re measuring, predicting, or prescribing, AltView has the past performance and expertise to derive value in tangible ROI from your data. Our modeled solutions have been applied in everything from under-utilized IT assets like MS Office up to world-class data analytics platforms like Palantir Foundry, Azure Synapse, and Amazon Web Service (AWS).

Rather you need statistical I/O models of financial data or AI/ML predictive analytics models of force combat readiness, AltView is here to enhance your mission in supporting the War Fighter through expert utilization of data.

Data Integration

One of the toughest challenged in DoD is viewing your mission through “a single pane of glass”—a cohesive picture of your operational poster in its entirety. We understand the mission, and know how to integrate data from your accounting, logistics and supply, manpower, contracting, scheduling, and cost systems into a complete view down to the lowest level of detail.

You want to know where you’ve been, where you are, and where you are going. Our data integration solutions and professional services provide that in an expert frame of reference. Ask us how we can help.

Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence (BI) solutions allow you to gain total visibility into your operation, PEO, or Project Office. We are experts in Power BI, Qlik Sense and Tableau, and understand how to build Value-Add solutions not just for the Flag Officer or SES, but also providing the lowest level of details each analyst needs for their mission.

Financial Management Analytics

Our analytical and reporting solutions work with all applicable DoD systems of record and provide you comprehensive view of your PEO or Project Office. Our custom-built business logic layer allows for tracking financial document hierarchies, assigning internal/external stakeholders to specific LOAs, CCaR integration, and infinitely customizable reporting possibilities.

Logistics Data Management

Our services in logistics analytics are wide in scope. We have built solutions to support combat readiness that allow commanders to view readiness at the unit or Army-level, down to the specific piece of equipment in the fleet that is affecting Fully Mission Capable status (both maintenance and supply).

Our solutions help maintainers select where they should source a repair via Man-Hours Utilization, track Recoverables and total amounts due to the unit, and provide auto text analysis of a shipment throughout the supply chain so our War Fighters can spend less time identifying the problems—more time solving them.

We drive decision-making through automated data analysis and reporting of systems of record (G-Army, G-Marine Corps, R-COP, LMP, etc.) data feeds in a leading-class delivery. We also specialize in custom systems development of NATO-specific requirements like the “Accord europeen relatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route” or ADR.